Websites that Work! for business!

A good website requires several specialties.  The most basic NEEDS of a good website are:

  • Website Design to create it and make it look nice for potential customers.
  • Website Development to make it FUNCTION and ‘do’ what is needed.
  • Content for relevance and to capture the attention of Google and potential customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your website information to ‘rank’ with Google and get listed in search results.  This is what helps you get in front of potential customers searching for your product or service.  This is how potential customers learn more about your business and reach out to you for what you offer.
  •  Maintenance to handle updates and fixes to common problems.

Each specialty has its own requirements but must collaborate with the others in order to be effective.  You can have one without the other, but the finished product will not be worth the time or money of anyone involved.

Business Optimizing Solution Services offers a range of Internet presence packages designed to grow with small and larger businesses.

We offer very basic Internet Presence packages to get smaller businesses started as well as fully functional, fully optimized websites to enhance larger corporation visibility.

When it comes to websites, you want one that actually WORKS!  for your business.  What is the point of having a nicely designed website that looks good but does nothing to rank higher with Google or attract new customers?

How is your Internet presence?

Does your business show up when potential customers search

for your product or service?

Is your competition pushing you to the bottom of search results?

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