How Websites WORK! for your Business

Having a website is a good way to provide potential customers with information about your company, products or services.

Unfortunately, just having a website is not enough to get your business information to ‘show up’ in Google search results when someone is searching the Internet for products or services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to get your website to ‘show up’ and be seen by potential customers.  There are many options and steps to take for good SEO.  Some are within your website (on page SEO), and others are not (off page SEO).

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We offer a variety of website packages that include some Search Engine Optimization options that can help expose your business to more potential customers.

Our Basic Website package is designed for smaller businesses that are just getting started with a Website and Online Presence.  We can get you started with a basic, simple website that includes enough Search Engine Optimization to get your business to appear in local search results. As your business and marketing budget grow, we can improve on your site and add a little bit more SEO to increase your website presence.

We also offer fully functional, fully optimized and E-commerce websites for businesses that want to sell products online.  We can also optimize existing websites.

We will develop an Internet Presence package that is designed around your specific business and market area.

Are you intimidated by Technology and not sure your business can benefit from having a Web presence?

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