‘Natural’ SEO – Keep what you pay for!


‘Natural’ SEO means you get to keep what you pay for.

I don’t use subscription services with a ‘magic button’ to place your business info all over the Internet.

Some of the larger Internet Marketing companies have partnership agreements that allow them to place your business information at the top of search results all over the Internet, almost instantly, as if they have a “magic button.”

Unfortunately, they can also use the same “magic button” to remove or distort your information on the Internet just as quickly. (go ahead, miss a payment or cancel the service and see what happens to your online presence).

I don’t have a ‘magic button.’  I WORK hard and DO the hard work that makes your Internet Presence naturally appealing to Google and Internet search Engines.  Google wants to give its customers what they want.  It does not matter how much your competition is spending to get their business information at the top of search results if their information is not what Google customers are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization, done properly, will Naturally place your business information at the top of Search Results.  Not magically, not instantly but Naturally, based on the relevance of your information to what your potential customers (and Google customers), are looking for.

A properly optimized website should ‘show up’ in search results and contain content that will entice searchers to follow the search link to your website.

Once on your site, the content will determine if the searcher keeps ‘clicking’ or moves on to your competition.

My goal is NOT to get more ‘clicks’ to your website.  My goal is to convert ‘clickers’ in to ‘customers.’

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION encompasses a wide variety of things that need to be done in order to have a positive and PROFITABLE online presence.  Some aspects of SEO are within your website (on page SEO) and some are outside of your website (off page SEO).

Google changes, or updates, the rules and procedures quite often and it can become overwhelming to try and keep up.  It can also get rather technical and difficult to wrap your brain around all the different aspects of SEO.

And, there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL!  It takes time and research to identify the most practical methods by which to optimize for YOUR specific business.   The ‘magic button’ services companies will treat your business just like all their other customers.  They plaster your information in any and all spaces, even if it is NOT relevant to your business.

My Natural SEO approach requires that I become familiar with your business.  I need to know what you are about and what you do to make sure we put the correct and most relevant information about your business in the right places on the Internet.

What does your business ‘look like’ on the Internet?

Give me a call and let’s find out together.

Adrianne 815.276.7917

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