What are keywords and which ones should you use?

In order to select the best keywords for your website, you have to think like your potential customers and use the words or phrases that they are likely to use to find your product or service.  You want to start with your most sought after products or services and build your website content around them.

There are several keyword tools available to help you refine the search terms and keywords that are most commonly searched for in your target market areaTHIS IS IMPORTANT!  There are many factors to consider for your specific business and location.  One example is that some parts of the east and west coast might search for ‘soda,’ while others in the Midwest might search for ‘pop,’ while some others may search for ‘soda pop.’  Google’s keyword tool will help you find the keywords and phrases that are actually used to search for your product or service in your area.

Once you identify your primary keywords and search terms, you need to incorporate them in to your content so that they make sense and are relevant to the search.

You want to be careful not to just throw the words in to a paragraph that does not make sense or to simply add a list of the words or phrases to your website.  Tactics such as these could cause you to be penalized by Google and pushed towards the bottom of search results.  The goal of course, is to be at the top of search results, as most people will not take the time to scroll too far down the page.

You want your keywords and phrases to stand out with proper headings or a separate page. Google recommends using a separate page for each of your keywords or search phrases.  A bakery with a separate page for cakes that mentions wedding cakes will likely show up ahead of a bakery that does not specify wedding cakes or just shows a picture of a cake on the homepage.

It may seem like common sense to use words or phrases that you think people will use to find your product or service, but the keyword research tools will help you identify what is actually being searched for in your area.  Proper website maintenance services should include regular monitoring and updating of your keywords and phrases to stay up to date with the changing Internet space.

What are the keywords or phrases that you are using to get your business information in front of potential customers?  Are you getting a Return On (your) Investment (ROI) by having your website ‘show up’ when potential customers search for your product or service?

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