Your Marketing efforts life span.

How long do you benefit from your marketing efforts?

Your newspaper ad lives until the paper is thrown out.

Your TV ad lives until you stop running the commercials or until your audience stops watching.

Your billboard ad stops when you take it down.

Your website has the potential to WORK! for your business indefinitely.

When you pay for advertising in the newspaper or on TV, you are marketing to the masses.  The more people that see your advertisement, the more likely you are to reach at least someone who will become a customer.

When you build a properly Optimized Website, you are able to direct your marketing to a targeted segment of potential customers who are actually looking for your product or service.

You can also take advantage of other marketing opportunities that lead customers to your website, which should entice them to become paying customers.

A properly Optimized Website can help to boost all your other marketing efforts.  While you may be limited to the amount of information that you can offer in other forms of advertising, you can refer potential customers to your website for more information.

Are you getting the best ROI (Return on Investment) from your marketing dollars?


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