Do not fear negative reviews!

Business owners are sometimes reluctant to solicit reviews of their           business for fear of getting a negative review. There are many places online that allow a person to leave a review.  Businesses have the option to request that customers leave a review on a particular site and it is unlikely that a business owner will ask an unhappy customer to leave a review.  It is when a customer is satisfied that the business owner will request an online review.

While there are many things that Google considers for ranking a website at the top of search results, when competing businesses have similar traits, reviews can sometimes tip the scales.  Even when there is a negative review, the number of positive reviews can minimize the impact of the negative.

Most people who consider reviews when deciding whether of not to patronize a business recognize that there will always be at least one of ‘those people’ who are never satisfied.  When the positive reviews outnumber the negative, businesses can still be considered credible.  The important thing is to interact and address any problems or concerns.

Reviews are viewed as a means of consumer protection.  A business that has more negative reviews than positive reviews warns potential customers while more positive reviews encourages potential customers.  Since people are more likely to share their dissatisfaction, it is important to request reviews from the customers that are happy with your product or service.

The next time that someone compliments your business, ask him or her to post a review online.  Offer your preferred review site and make it easy for them to share their positive thoughts for others to see.

Search for your business name online to see what reviews there are about your business and make it a point to check your reviews and respond on a regular basis.

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