Making Google happy!

Google likes CONSISTENCY!

There are many things that you must do to make Google happy and it is NOT all about your website.

Your website does need to be search engine friendly and have relevant content.  However, your business information must also be current, accurate and CONSISTENT throughout the World Wide Web.

NAP – Not a Problem? Think again,

      Name, Address & Phone # are the 3 most basic things every business owner wants people to know about their business.  The CORRECT Name, Address and Phone #, that is.

Consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) EVERYWHERE!

Your website, citations, backlinks and anywhere else your business information may appear on the internet MUST be consistent.

Let’s say you have moved your business, changed phone numbers, or had a previous website that you no longer maintain.  That previous information may still appear on the Internet as a business listing.  If your website or other information does not match all the other information on the Internet for your company, or if there is a lot of conflicting information, you will be penalized by Google and considered less reliable.  You will then be placed closer to the bottom of search results, where no one is likely to find your business information.

Make sure that all your information is the same.  Don’t make the mistake of putting your address as ‘Ave.’ in some listings and ‘Avenue’ in others.

Some website service companies use phone number ‘redirects’ for tracking purposes.  That means that while your actual business phone number might be (123) 456-7890, your website company may use a ‘tracking’ phone number, such as (123) 444-4444, so that they can let you know how many calls you received from the website they provided for your business.  This means that you may be listed in a local directory, such as Google’s ‘my business page’ with your actual phone number but the website has a redirected (different) phone number.  This will cost you ‘points’ with Google searches.

Make it a regular practice to check on your online presence and correct any inaccuracies.  Update old addresses and phone numbers and add any missing information to directories that may be incomplete or incorrect.

As you begin to make these corrections, you will notice several options for companies that offer to provide this service for a monthly fee.  Be aware that these are mostly beneficial to ‘global’ companies that need to be found on the Internet from all over the world.  Do you really need that much exposure?  Chances are that these listing management companies will not focus on the needs of your LOCAL business, and will simply plaster your information all over the place, even where it will not benefit your specific business.

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